Recycle: Adopt. Rescue. Foster.
Helping animals who can’t help themselves.


I’m starting this blog as somewhere to focus my energy about animal issues.  I tend to take over the Dog Blog with it sometimes or ramble forever on my personal blog so I thought it would be nice to keep it all in one place.  There aren’t any entertainment guarantees, I can’t even promise it won’t be depressing but it is what it is.  Hopefully this will become a source of information that will help homeless animals find their forever families and to help spread the word about animal related news and events.  I would also like to use it to help fundraise for causes if possible.  If anyone has something to contribute or share I would love to incorporate it here.

My personal goal is to become more involved with rescue and conservation activities not just locally but worldwide.  I want to volunteer more and make a difference although that sounds horribly cliche I suppose.  It doesn’t do anyone any good (including myself) to be sitting around watching Golden Girl reruns instead of doing something productive. 😉

Sidenote thanks to Shannon for pressuring me into trying WordPress instead of sticking in my Blogger rut. 


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