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Fundraiser to Help Sabrina the Boxer Puppy

Sabrina is a sweet Boxer pup who had to have emergency surgery to amputate her front leg at just three weeks of age.  Her mom had 10 pups and somehow Sabrina’s leg was broken.  The broken leg was misdiagnosed and her poor paw turned black which was very bad news.

The owner has surrendered Sabrina to Tazzy Animal Rescue Fund since she does not have the money to give her the desperate medical care she needs. 

Please help Tazzy Animal Rescue help Sabrina by bidding on these two auctions that will benefit Sabrina 100% or you can make a tax deductible donation for her care.

You can read more about the Tazzy Animal Rescue Fund here.


3 Responses to “Fundraiser to Help Sabrina the Boxer Puppy”

  1. wat a heartbreaking sight…

  2. How is Sabrina doing? Would love some more follow up.

  3. […] on Sabrina the Puppy Update on Sabrina the Puppy, crossposted from MySpace bulletin…to donate towards Sabrina’s care please visit Tazzy […]

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