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Urgent Situation in the Midwest

Thank you to Biggie’s Mom for sending this bulletin to post.  This is a horrible situation and all help possible is needed.  If anyone has more resources or donation information for any of the organizations working with the animals there please let me know. 

I just got off the phone with Mark Schearer, head of the IOWA

He indicated that they have been working with the AKC Disaster
Relief Dept(Lisa Peterson). I believe he said that the AKC would
be sending them SEVERAL HUNDRED crates and kennels to assist with
the pet shelters in the Cedar Rapids area. Truly amazing! He
couldnt say enough good things about the AKC!!!!

But, that doesnt mean everything is done. They are going to be in
dire need of volunteers to help with the Linn County animals that
are pouring into the Kirkwood Equine Ceneter in Cedar Rapids.

Projections indicate that there will be OVER 800 located at that
site…and my guess would be that the latest round of storms may
push it to 1000. With the Cedar Rapids Shelter being a total
loss…Kirkwood will serve for the next several months as a base of

If you would like to volunteer to help, please call the Operations
Center in Des Moines. 515-323-4267

The Des Moines Disaster team is coordinating the volunteer effort
so that the folks at the Kirkwood can focus on the dozens of cats,
dogs, horses, etc that are coming in EVERY HOUR! Its a rate of 25
per hour…

I did not get the Johnson County information as he was called away
to an emergancy breifing to discuss the violent storms that are
heading our way tonight. I’ll forward that as I get it.

Once agin, volunteers are needed at the Kirkwood Community College
Equine center…call 515-323-4267 to help. It is critical that
when you signin at Kirkwood, that you sign in as IVRRT. That way
you are covered as a “temp” employee of the state of Iowa for
insurance purposes.

Hug your hounds, unfortunatley it is going to get worse before it
gets better. We got 4 more inches of rain today.

Scot Northern
President – Cedar Rapids Kennel Association


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