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Leavenworth, Kansas Shelter – EMERGENCY


http://www. petfinder. com/shelters/KS122. html

Dear Friends of the Animals –

The Leavenworth, Kansas Shelter is in high distress mode – please read the e-mail below.

Any direct help or networking you can do with your contacts can make the difference between Life or Death for these FRIENDS in desperate need of rescue.

Thanks so much!

Judy Bishop
Topeka Animal Talk web group and
Friends of the Animals in Kansas
The main road to the shelter is closed, and has been closed for a week, due to the rising water. Therefore, public adoptions have not been happening. That is why the shelter is beyond full – dogs and cats just keep coming in but none have been going out to public adoptions. And it didn’t help that the shelter didn’t get to have the scheduled public adoption day this past Saturday. PLEASE – If there is ANYTHING you can do to save any of these animals contact Cindy at k9shelter@aol. com OR 913-231-8357 !!!!! TIME IS QUICKLY RUNNING OUT FOR LOTS AND LOTS OF THESE ANIMALS!!!!

THERE ARE SO MANY PRECIOUS DOGS AND CATS IN LEAVENWORTH that are in DESPERATE need of RESCUE!!! PLEASE look at these photos and consider adopting, fostering, or rescuing one of these precious babies. PLEASE let your friends, family and colleagues know there are many beautiful dogs and kitties needing homes at Leavenworth. PLEASE POST and CROSS-POST!! If you can help any of these babies PLEASE contact Cindy at OR 913-231-8357.


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