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Take Your Dog to Work Day

Friday, June 20th marks the official Take Your Dog to Work Day brought to you by Pet Sitters International. You can read more about it here:

A blip from their site:

Top 10 Things to Say to Convince Your Boss to Take Part in TYDTWDay:

10. The squirrels in the neighborhood deserve a break.

9. Wagging tails work great when the a/c is on the fritz.

8. With a dog as your passenger, you’ll be able to use the car pool lane.

7. It’s a great way to lick the work day blahs!

6. My dog thinks you’re grrrrrrreat!

5. Meetings end as soon as Rover starts staring at the conference room door.

4. You can blame those missing reports on one of your employees’ dogs.

3. It’s the leash you can do.

2. Finally, someone at your office will actually be working like a dog.

1. Friday, June 20, is Take Your Dog To Work Day®!


2 Responses to “Take Your Dog to Work Day”

  1. One way to encourage businesses to allow dogs is to ensure that the owners are prepared to take care of any problems that their pets may cause. This involves them be prepared at all times with essentials such as poop bags while with their pets.
    More and more we are starting to see the benefits of pets as they transcend the role they play at home into other non-traditional areas such as places of work.

    Good Dog !! !!!

  2. This is a really great event taht i have participated in before. Its main goal is to help raise awarness to the animal shelters! It is a great program, look at all the press it is already getting!!!

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