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Alert: No more gas chamber in Macon, GA

The Macon City Council voted unanimously, last night, to pass its resolution to switch from gassing to lethal injection on or before July 1, 2009.

http://www. macon. com/198/story/381560. html

http://www. 13wmaz. com/apps/pbcs. dll/article?AID=/20080617/NEWS01/80618002&GID=uf+yml3A3XuoZoNx0xHqZzFJDJuSbWGB7Wg7DXj6PKI%3D

The council passed also a resolution to create a fund to collect donations from the private sector to help fund the transition, in hopes the change will occur much sooner than the July 2009 deadline.

Please thank:

Councilman Erick Erickson at Councilman Erickson drafted and introduced the Resolution in January and fought hard for it. He said at the meeting last night that, with this legislation, Macon is ‘on the path’ to and strives to become a no-kill community.

Councilman Larry Schlesinger at In a brave and selfless mission last January, and in support of the proposed resolution, Rabbi Schlesinger witnessed a mass gassing at the Macon shelter and shared his experience with council members, the public and even the Georgia House Committee on Agriculture at a hearing on House Bill 1060 to ban the gas chamber statewide [a bill that did not make it out of committee this legislative session].

Councilwoman Nancy White at Councilwoman White, among the primary sponsors of the resolution, last night urged the public to continue to put pressure on the City of Macon to switch to lethal injection sooner rather than the July 1, 2009 deadline. Ms. White also introduced the resolution to ban long-term tethering in Macon earlier this year, a resolution that also passed the council by unanimous vote.

These three City Council members have made it their mission to end the preventable, unnecessary suffering and death of companion animals in Macon. Please show them your appreciation by writing.

Please thank the entire City Council for their unanimous support of the tethering and gas chamber resolutions:,,,,,,,,,,

Those of you in cities and counties still using gas chambers, I urge you to contact your County Commissioners and City Council members and ask them to follow Macon’s fine example by resolving to ban their gas chambers before being forced to stop by a state law we hope will pass in the upcoming legislative session, winter/spring 2009.

As I’ve said many times before, anyone can start a campaign to ban the gas chamber and/or long-term tethering (chaining) in his/her county or city. If companion animals are being gasssed in your couty or city or dogs are living chained, we’re counting on you to change it. Georgia’s animal welfare community is large, vocal and ready to back you up.

Just ask!

Chamblee Abernethy in Atlanta, GA


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