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ALERT: Rotts in VA in deplorable conditions, need rescue

This is a crosspost from a message from Pits/RottsForLife, these dogs are located in Hampton, VA. If you can help in anyway they can be contacted at


There are 3 and I’m going next Sunday to evaluate the dogs. One looks to be a senior and I’m not sure how old the other 2 are. The guy doesn’t take care of them obviously by the water in the bucket with a dead bird in it. The neighbor who took these pics has to use her weed wacker to reach the buckets and has to stand on a ladder to get over the privacy fence and give them water. The guy told her he would turn them over to rescue if he didn’t have to pay any money. Is there any other rescue that could or would help with these 3? We just took in 3 that were in dire conditions and taking in 3 more would really overwhelm us. We are still trying to get the last ones in shape to be adopted out. Any help or suggestions would be very much appreciated. These dogs are in Hampton VA. SSRR was asked to help with them and said no right off. We can take in one if someone can help with the other two.

I just can’t pull one and leave two behind

Maybe someone can foster???? Any help is appreciated no matter where you live

If you can help any of these dogs, please contact me at, and I will pass all information on to the woman that is handling this situation




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