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ALERT: Tallapoosa, Ga Rescue is closing, animals need help!

Gods Creatures Rescue Servic in Georgia is having to close their doors.  They have horses in addition to dogs.  For more information and to view their animals:


From their Petfinder page:

Gods Creatures Rescue is sad to announce we are no longer accepting any animals. We are currently offering our rescues at a reduced fee of $75.00 Due to lack of adoptions there is no funding and we have no money to continue to stay open. Food cost has gone up and so has vet care. We welcome any liscensed rescue facility to help with finding homes for our animals or transfer to your organization. I am the only person running this rescue I have no foster homes and no help. I have had some sever family issues come up and have to place all the rescues on my site by the end of July. All are spayed & neutered, current on shots, heartworm negetave and on prevention. I cannot afford to buy frontline for them this month so they are not current on that. I have been in rescue many years and no matter how hard I try things just get worse and worse. It breaks my heart to have to close my rescue but there is no alternitave. The dogs are not getting all they need or deserve. I am pleading for your help, I know it is the worst time possiable to do this but there is no other option at this point without the animals suffering. Thank you to all the people that have adopted my sweet babies and gave them wonderful homes and sent the wonderful updates that made what I do worth it all these years. Sencerly, Darlene Atkins


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