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Rescue: This Odd Couple needs help staying together ~ MO

Here is story of Silver and Rocket….

Silver is a gorgeous female, silver brindled Staffie, and Rocket, a fiesty little male Fox Terrier, and both 2 years old. They have grown up together. They were in a home with 5 children, and a human mom and dad, and lots of love.  They had their crates, but spent more time on the beds with the kids, than in their own beds.

The small town that they live in recently passed the wonderful Breed Specific ordinance and soon, Silver’s family was at an all out war with the city to keep Silver with them. A few months later Mom was diagnosed with breast cancer. With all of this going on and 5 kids Mom just could not keep up the fight. This family had all of the love in the world for their furry family members, but lack of funds to properly give them what they needed was just not there.

Rocket needs surgery on his ears as he has severe growths in them that need to be removed.

We received the wonderful news recently that these two would be able to be rescued together but when Silver went in for her spay and it was discovered she was heart worm positive….. THE RESCUE BACKED OUT OF TAKING BOTH OF THEM, stating they could not afford heart worm treatment.

They NEVER asked what the fee was, whether there was a discount involved, NOTHING, they just said they COULDN’T HELP ANY LONGER

This rescue was aware of the growths in Rocket’s ears, and had both dogs completely vetted and committed to them. Backing out only when they had SOLVEABLE medical issues. When it was revealed to this rescue that the HW treatment would be sponsored- the “rescuer” then decided that once Silver was finished with her HW treatment she would take Silver ONLY….. leaving poor Rocket behind.  Another heartbreak for this lovely girl. Silver is getting ready for her treatment and will be on the road to recovery soon, but meanwhile Rocket is back at the shelter, and Silver is crying at the vets office. Literally crying, she had the most horrific scream when we took Rocket from her that day.
The staff at the vets office have made her their new favorite and are spending lots of time with her, but all that seems to calm her is Rocket.  Silver and Rocket are an odd match, but they are inseparable.  We are trying to desparately keep them together, as we cannot put them thru anymore heartbreak.

Both dogs are completely housebroken and are wonderful with kids and cats. They are used to a fenced in yard for play time. Both of these babies love belly rubs, especially little Rocket.  Rocket is very gentle on the leash; Silver pulls a bit, but a lot is just the sheer excitement of being out on her walk.  Silver will be done with her treatment next Thursday.
Our shelter is very small, and we do not really have a calm quiet enviroment for her to recover in.  If anyone may be able to help these guys stay together please let us know

Transportation to any approved screened rescue is ABSOLUTELY available as long as we are PROMISED these 2 can stay together!!

Thank you in advance for your time and efforts to keep these two together

Adair County Humane Society
Kirksville, Mo (at yahoo. com)
660-665-8038 – Shelter
660-341-1450 – my cell – You can call anytime!
Or: Jess’e Potts (at mchsi. com)515-961-0158
Helper of the furkids at the Adair County Humane Society find rides to their rescues!


3 Responses to “Rescue: This Odd Couple needs help staying together ~ MO”

  1. Missy emailed me to tell me there’s a very good possibility that these two have found a forever home – together. I’m just waiting to hear and make sure that the adoption went thru.

  2. As it turns out the adoption fell thru so these still are still looking for a home, if anyone has any leads on a foster or their forever home please let Missy know.



    Hello everyone,

    I finally have wonderful news to share with everyone…We adopted Silver and Rocket today. We must have good karma in the air because I had an adoptor and a rescue in the same day. We have a gentleman here locally that has been to visit Silver and Rocket daily for about 2 weeks. He had been a bit hesitant with adopting because of his work schedule. He owns rental properties here in town and being a college town summers are busy for him getting ready for students to come back. Well, yesterday I really felt that things may not work out and then today…He could not stop thinking about them and made arrangements to hire someone for the summer so that he could take some time off to be able to spend more time with them.

    We cannot even begin to thank everyone for all of their efforts to save these two. The heartfelt wishes and outpouring of concern was trully unbeleivable.

    Silver and Rocket thank each and everyone of you and wish you the best on your efforts to help their furry friends.

    God Bless all of you,


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