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Update on Sabrina the Puppy

Update on Sabrina the Puppy, crossposted from MySpace bulletin…to donate towards Sabrina’s care please visit Tazzy Animal Rescue Fund at

Hi my name is Sabrina. I was only three weeks old in this picture. As you can see I had to have my leg removed because it was broken and I did not receive the right medical care and it became very infected. On top of that my tail was cropped with a rubber band can you believe that? My poor tail did not fall off and also became very infected and had to be fixed with surgery when they removed my leg.Photobucket
Here I am today 8 weeks old and back at the hospital having more problems. They think the infected tail infected my hip at the growth plate. I have lots of trouble walking and I cry in pain often. I don’t think this is what puppies are supposed to go through is it?? Tazzy Fund and all the nice supporters are taking care of me to make sure I have the best medical care money can buy, so I know I will be all better soon and find a family just for me. Thanks for helping me.


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