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This chick is heading West, too bad I can’t pack an Elephant in my bag.

After spending my last (and only) 35 years in the DFW Metroplex it has become second nature to me to answer “Dallas!” when someone asks me where I’m from. Ft. Worth was the “other town” to the West, one so close but I never really identified myself as a native of. Even now as a resident of the Mid-Cities area still it was Dallas.

Sure, Dallas has had some rough times like any large city I suppose. The Dallas Police Department fake drug scandal was right up there on the blows-to-your-hometown-pride-chart, but still I was a Dallas girl. The landmine of scandal, lies and intrigue that is the Dallas Independent School District Board is that of B-rated soap opera material. Don’t even get me started on the Cottonbowl/Dallas Cowboys/Laura Miller deals, there just isn’t enough time in the day to properly express my feelings on that. Secretly deep down I was somewhat relieved that the Rangers weren’t actually the DALLAS Rangers, too. One less thing to be embarrassed about, I figured.

I have to say that these last few weeks have changed the tide for me, I’m speaking of the current cluster of BS that has become the issue of Jenny the Elephant of the Dallas Zoo. In true Dallas fashion we have all the players:

1. Jenny the Elephant, playing the role of “Innocent Bystander and Community Servant for 22 years”, some might even list her a “Victim”

2. The Dallas City Council in their well practiced roles of “It’s Not Our Problem” and “Look the Other Way”

3. The Dallas Zoo as the “All Knowing Wizard of Dallas”…in case you’re confused of what this role is comprised of it just means that what they say is golden, they don’t owe the community any real explanations nor do they need to discuss with the citizens why they do anything. (Oh, and could you donate some money to the Zoo, please? )

Jenny makes me sad and not only in an emotional , hug the cute elephant kind of way. She makes me sad for what she represents and what has become of us, those that are meant to protect the ones who can’t protect themselves. She has spent 22 years serving our Community, 22 years is more than the majority of us have probably committed to a single job and what’s her retirement package? A Mexican amusement park with no protection from those which she has served and devoted her life.

The form email Gregg Hudson of the Dallas Zoo is sending out is a joke. The people of the Metroplex don’t even deserve more than that? JENNY doesn’t deserve more? I hope for Hudson’s sake he has a plan to take care of his Golden Years because in this world you can only hope what goes around comes around. I have a feeling none of the Dallas Zoo Players would be making the same choices if it was their bedpan we were speaking of.

My big question is WHY? Why not listen to the concerns of the Citizens and the people who have supported your Organization all these years? Telling your callers that the decision is made and that is that isn’t the way to build long lasting and productive relationships with those that mean the most to your business. I guess it’s easy to hide under an elephant, my only hope is those that are sending Jenny to Mexico are standing at the business end.

I’m not proud of Dallas anymore. I’m just not. I can’t be and have a speck of respect left for myself and for what I believe in. I’m headed West in search of some Ft. Worth pride.


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