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Rescue NYC: Senior Cocker Spaniel needs a second chance

TONY – ID#A768013
I am an unaltered male, brown Cocker Spaniel mix

The shelter staff think I am about 14 years old

I have been at the shelter since Jun 30, 2008

Shelter Staff made the following comments about this animal:
A VOLUNTEER WROTE: Even the most experienced shelter staff and volunteers (who think they’ve seen it all), have to shake their heads in wonder at Tony. This 14 year old blind cocker spaniel was found as a stray on 6/30/08. He was covered in fleas, emaciated and dehydrated. He weighs only 22 pounds. He was starving, because being blind, how could he find food on the mean streets of New York. How could he protect himself? What cruelty — to abandon this old fellow on the street and never give him property medical care.. But Tony appreciates the care — and the food — he has found at the Shelter. He’s blind because of cataracts and untreated “cherry eye” (when the tear gland protrudes, obstructing vison). This volunteer watched as his matted fur was shaved off his face (he has severe dermatitis, which will respond to medicine and proper diet). When I held out treats for him (he found them through his sense of smell), he took them gently. He loves the canned food we give him. Our vet staff are treating him for his skin condition and a severe ear infection.

But what he really needs now, is a caring home

For more information about this animal, call:
Animal Care and Control of New York City – Manhattan at (212) 788-4000
Ask for information about animal ID number A768013


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