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Rescue: Sparky at Irving Animal Control

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Sparky is always waiting at the front of his cage for the next person to greet. He’s a very friendly guy. He’s a bit overweight, but other than that seems healthy. He’s been neutered already. Sparky has been available for over a week now, but there’s been no interest in him. Can someone give this sweet boy some help? He needs out soon. Sparky’s tracking number is 7816.
Here’s a link to his pictures: http://fototime. com/inv/950D9132DF3746A .

Irving Shelter Tel.
THE NEW IRVING SHELTER HOURS: M-F 12:00pm to 7:pm….Sat 12:00pm to 6:pm…Sun clsd
Russell Posch
Shelter Walker

CAGE “14 “Sparky” (7816)..neutmale..Beagle..6/23..NOW – 40 lbs very friendly..4 yrs old..owner surrender



3 Responses to “Rescue: Sparky at Irving Animal Control”

  1. Hello,
    Sparky looks so sweet – I contacted beagle rescue in Houston to see if they know of a closer beagle rescue organization to the Irving shelter.

  2. A quick update about Sparky.
    I inquired about him and received a reply email that he was adopted on Saturday, July 5 from the shelter.

    Good news for Sparky.

  3. That’s wonderful news! Thank you for the update.

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