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Rescue: Heard County; Franklin, Georgia last day 7-3

Heard County Animal Control
Franklin, Georgia
Animals Have Until
Thursday, July 3rd, 2008
*** Shelter Closed Friday the 4th of July***
Please act NOW and call Kaylene and Angela

The animals have until Thursday (because of the 4th of July Holiday on Friday) afternoon to be saved – PLEASE note that saved means they need to LEAVE the facility! Heard County is very limited on space and they cannot hold over animals, that is why they are urgent and will have to be euthanized, because of lack of space. 

Animals will be Euthanized between 4 and 5pm Eastern time (not 3pm as previously stated) They close for the day at 5pm…I urge you not to wait till the last minute to Western Union funds or call though!
Heard County Animal Control Center
11818 Ga Hwy 100
Franklin, GA 30217
Phone: 706-675-3570


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